Why plants?
5 reasons we love houseplants


They improve the quality of your air

We spend most of our time indoors and don’t get enough fresh air. Adding greenery to a room increases the quality of the air you breathe. Plants purify it! 5-10 plants in a medium room can remove up to 75-90% of indoor airborne pollution. They also produce oxygen, essential for our existence. And the more, the merrier!


They don't mind low light

If you think your space is too dark, think again! Plants have evolved in endlessly changing environments around the globe. They all have different appetites for sunlight. So whatever kind of light your home receives, you can find the perfect plant for your corner and coffee table.


They boost your mood

Beautiful looks aren’t the only thing plants have to offer. They improve your mood, concentration, and creativity. The key is to have a wide variety of plants (different sizes, shapes, and textures) and to create cohesive looks that make an ecosystem.


They help deep relaxation

Plants create a quiet space for us to escape the digital world and craziness of the day-to-day. They add a touch of wilderness to our lives and teach us to slow down and enjoy the beauty of the moment.


They're just irresistible

Plants are incredibly loveable. Over time, they become more than living room decoration, they add life to our homes and become our everyday companions. They’re simply delightful!

Why plants. The secret benefits of indoor plants, explained.

Plants have many superpowers: they are natural air cleaners, creativity boosters, and help you reach deeper relaxation, and much more.

Learn how to benefit from them. Hop down the rabbit hole with us!


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Light guide

The amount of light your space receives depends on the direction of the window and how far from it the plant is.

Check the direction of your window, then put your plant within the range suggested below. 




Size Guide

Plants come in nursing pots, usually plastic containers that could use a little  personalizing. They come in standard sizes: 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ (the number refers to diameter), bare root(b/r) or preplanted in decarateive pot (pot) .

When choosing a decorative pot to slide the nursing container in, look for a size slightly larger (1-2″ larger), so it can fit comfortably. E.g. For a 4″ nursing pot, pick a decorative pot with a 6″ diameter.

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