Bundle north

Plant bunlde for your North facing window

We’ve paired these plants based on their similar light and water needs so they’re easier to look after. The bundle is perfect for a room with a north-facing window, where the light is soft. These plants feel good in low to medium light environment, and it is best to keep them close to the window. They will get the right amount of light as long as you put them within 2 feet away from the window.

Arrowhead Plant

Botanical Name: Syngonium podophyllum
Nick Name: Arrowhead Plant

Low light tolerant

Air purifying


Bird's Nest Fern

Botanical Name: Asplenium nidus
Nick Name: Bird’s Nest Fern

Low light tolerant



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Traveller-friendly Plants

Wilder pro tip: Traveller-friendly plants are the ones which can tolerate occasional draughts.
If you travel and sometimes are away for 1-2 weeks you should look at traveller-friendly plants. These plants are resilient and if you miss 1-2 waterings they will be fine.

Air Purifying Plants

What about air-purifying plants?

Wilder pro tip: Air quality in our homes is less than ideal. It gets
contaminated with toxins and other volatile compounds through the everyday things and products we consume such as cleaning, body products, even furniture. Studies have shown that having 3-5 plants in a small room can help purify the air. 80 when browsing through plants, look out for the “NASA clean air study” label or “air-purifying” plants to get these benefits!

Pet-friendly Plants

What to do if I have pets and crawling kids?

Wilder pro tip: Even if you have toxic plants at home, they are rarely deadly, and the toxicity level of a plant will usually cause physical reactions if a lot of it is consumed. To be on the safe side, keep these plants out of reach of curious nibblers, or look out for pet-friendly plants.


So how do I know how bright my space is?

Wilder pro tip: The amount of light your space receives depends on the direction of the window and how far from it the plant is.

Another simple way to define brightness is by observing the intensity of the shadow. Take the test yourself: place a sheet of paper on the spot where you’d like to grow a plant. Hold your hand about 1 foot (30cm) above the paper. Now, what do you see?

Size Chart

Plants come in nursing pots, usually plastic containers that could use a little  personalizing. They come in standard sizes: 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ (the number refers to diameter), bare root(b/r) or preplanted in decarateive pot (pot) .

When choosing a decorative pot to slide the nursing container in, look for a size slightly larger (1-2″ larger), so it can fit comfortably. E.g. For a 4″ nursing pot, pick a decorative pot with a 6″ diameter.