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Why plants.
The secret benefits of indoor plants, explained.

The world of plants is fascinating. These green beings have many superpowers: they are natural air cleaners, creativity boosters, help you reach deeper relaxation, and much more.

Learn how to benefit from them! Hop down the rabbit hole with us!


Plant care.
The grownup’s guide to growing an urban jungle.

This guide is created with one goal in mind: to strip away the perceived complexity of plant parenthood and make living with plants easy. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know — and nothing you don’t. 

We’ll take you deeper into the plant care world and its 4 elements: light, water, air, and soil. Each section touches on one aspect of plant care to help you keep your plants happy and healthy.


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Light guide

The amount of light your space receives depends on the direction of the window and how far from it the plant is.

Check the direction of your window, then put your plant within the range suggested below. 




Size Guide

Plants come in nursing pots, usually plastic containers that could use a little  personalizing. They come in standard sizes: 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ (the number refers to diameter), bare root(b/r) or preplanted in decarateive pot (pot) .

When choosing a decorative pot to slide the nursing container in, look for a size slightly larger (1-2″ larger), so it can fit comfortably. E.g. For a 4″ nursing pot, pick a decorative pot with a 6″ diameter.

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